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Metal, Wood, and Stone Designs


[ Go to Fireplace Images ] I was invited into this project to build a fireplace door system. When I realized how large the doors would have to be I suggested a change...


[ Go to Chandelier Images ] I was next invited to bid on the chandeliers. The sketch showed a 60" diameter wheel supporting 16 lights per unit, chain and frame 18 feet tall ...

Staircase Systems

[ Go to Staircase System Images ]This project was conceived as a way to increase the art display area and tie the stairs into the modern theme of the home. The client taped the word " float "to the model and I took it from there...

Barn Project

This copula access is a tapered steel bridge dangling from a ceiling. It provides access to a handmade electric man lift which carries its passenger ten feet vertically ...

Kinetic Sculpture Video

Coming Soon...

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