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Staircase Systems

Mono Stringer

This project was conceived as a way to increase the art display area and tie the stairs into the modern theme of the home. The client taped the word " float "to the model and I took it from there.

The mono stringer serves as a chase for the lighting. The treads are removable so the final finish is unobstructed. We thickened the edge of the fossilized limestone floor to add the appearance of weight and serve as a cavity for rope lighting. The continuous railing and sub-floor fastening left a clean, light weight handrail that is remarkably stout.

mono-stringer staircase mono-stringer staircase mono-stringer staircase


Double Stringer

With this stair system the desired effect was to harvest the natural light. The architect was enthusiastic about using the chandelier wheel material to support the stairs. This stock was particularly small. The stringer frame was bisected at each joint and all its fasteners were hidden. For treads we selected recycled Douglas fir with curly maple nosing. The railing system is blackened steel with a solid bronze hand cap; the steel and bronze had to be formed together, further increasing the challenge. The product proved to be stable, and we effectively harvested the natural light.


Reflective helical stairs in mahogany

This project changed the boundaries of what I was capable of building out of wood. It yielded inventions I had no idea I would need when I bid the job. What was I thinking? See Tech File for Details.


Helical Mono-Stringer

One day I decided it to take the pole out of the spiral stair. That turned into an educational process that took all winter. See Tech File for Details.



Custom Railings

This stair was installed without a railing and I was asked to finish it. This allowed me to see the home furnishings before I started to design.

The Arts and Crafts theme was clear so I used the obelisk as a base. The newels where each crafted from a single piece of cherry wood. The edges are mitered to give the appearance of a solid newel. The pattern grill is solid stainless framed by a painted box frame, which is tied to the custom shaped hand-railing without flanges. All the element had to be removable to accommodate different finishes in an occupied home.

staircase railing staircase railing staircase railing


I thank all my clients for their trust and patience and allowing my imagination to flourish.

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